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Soñé Que El Paisaje Me Miraba -I Dreamt The Landscape Was Looking At Me



MAMBO: Museum of Modern Art Bogotá

I Dreamt The Landscape Was Looking At Me

in collaboration with Alex Czetwertynski

I Dreamt The Landscape Was Looking At Me is an optical device that invites the viewer on a hypnotic journey suspended between reality and fiction, personal and public. Three videos are projected on a triangular structure resting on soil, which partially covers the screens.

The visitor passes through a threshold of fique to enter the space, which is made following the traditional ancestral indigenous technique. It is created by Judith Torres Solís + Handcraft group Kunsamu. This visual device emphasizes entering into a new dimension while acknowledging that MAMBO is built on a Muisca territory.

Jessica Mitrani Limited edition Artist Book

Published by Bogota’s Museum of Modern Art MAMBO; Printed by Arte dos Grafico Taller   

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