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Artist Jessica Mitrani, invited by Princeton University Atelier to develop a multimedia project as a guest faculty; Fall 2022 at the Lewis Center for the Arts


An outdoor mural at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club at 66 East Fourth Street serves as an epigraph for the exhibition at La MaMa Galleria, with words that serve as a quiet entreaty: “May we walk softly on you."

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Soñé Que El Paisaje Me Miraba

March 24 - August 2021 

Interior Renovation
ASVOFF, #Lock Down Movies

May 2020

Side Effects: Contaminations between nature, landscape, territory and epidemic. 

Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá – MAMBO


“Efectos Secundarios” is a call from the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá - MAMBO, to investigate the environmental and sustainable effects of our present connected to this uncertain scenario that we are experiencing, through a new work that addresses the relationship between nature, landscape, and territory.

Winners Announced! 


“We are very happy with the success of the Side Effects call. The two winning projects unanimously drew the attention of the juries both for the originality in the approach to the subject and for the quality of the proposal presented. Our most sincere congratulations to Jessica Mitrani and Santiago Reyes Villaveces whose work will be presented during the first exhibition cycle of MAMBO in 2021 at the Museum venue. ”  - Eugenio Viola , chief curator of MAMBO.


The newspaper EL TIEMPO and the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá (MAMBO) joined forces to publish, in the printed edition of the paper, works by Colombian artists inspired by the crisis that is plaguing the world today: Covid-19. "In these times of mandatory seclusion,  EL TIEMPO wants to be both canvas and the walls of the museum," says Roberto Pombo, director of the newspaper.

The purpose of the project called De Voz a Voz (word of mouth) is to invite approximately 50 artists to produce works that will be published by EL TIEMPO and will be included in its weekend's editions. In the end, people will have multiple-original works and a testimony of the most complex moment humanity has experienced in recent times. De Voz a Voz (#ElMamboDeVozAVoz) is undoubtedly the first major artistic project of the pandemic in the country. In May, Claudia Hakim, director of MAMBO, and Eugenio Viola, chief curator of the museum, began sending invitations to Colombian artists of various generations and styles (photographers, painters, conceptual artists, performance, among others) to share their vision of the pandemic. Among the artists who have accepted the invitation are Beatriz González, Antonio Caro, Santiago Cárdenas, Óscar Muñoz, Clemencia Echeverri, Fernando Arias, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Álvaro Barrios, and Jessica Mitrani.


Rules for Travelers poster - Jessica Mitrani 


"From voice to voice" is now becoming an urban project in the streets of Bogotá, announcing that MAMBO is finally opening to the public again. We believe that art, above all, should deal with language and communication ”, Chief Curator of the Museum, Eugenio Viola.

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Jessica Mitrani Interview - reflections around her work in response to the pandemic.

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If you are in São Paulo check out  A Crucigramista/América Invertida my video series (in collaboration with Paula Parisot) at SESC Vila Mariana. The installation consists of seven videos in the context of the “congress of learning and teaching arts in Latin America: colonialism and gender”.
Queridxs Amigxs, si están en São Paulo los invito a ver la instalación de mi serie de videos A Crucigramista/América Invertida (colaboración con Paula Parisot) que se presentan en SESC Vila Mariana en el contexto del "congreso de enseñanza y aprendizaje de las artes desde América Latina: Colonialismo y cuestiones de genero"


Lazagne Art Magazine

Jessica Mitrani Interview

March 2018

Traveling Lady

Marzo 15  - 9 p.m

Museo Universitario Del Chopo 

Ubikwist Magazine: Harmony Issue

Art that erases the limits between femininity and masculinity


A Crucigramista...Coming Soon!

November - 2017

Oslo World

Love, Travel & resilience


June - 2017

52 Insights


Talking Female Hero Nellie Bly with Pedro Almodóvar’s Muse Rossy De Palma

March - 2017


Miami Film Festival

March 2017

November- 28 - 2016


The Screening Room

Monday, November 28, 2016. 6‐10pm

On view through – January 27, 2017

The Screening Room is pleased to present Traveling Lady, a solo exhibition by Colombian‐born artist Jessica Mitrani curated by Francine Birbragher‐ Rozenscwaig. The installation conjures the daring spirit of Nellie Bly, the nineteenth‐century American journalist who circled the globe in seventy‐two days, carrying little more than the clothes on her back and a jar of cold cream.

Originally presented as a live performance with film, Traveling Lady has been reimagined for The Screening Room as a site‐specific installation. A selection of videos are projected onto three surfaces: a long curved screen with Rossy de Palma as Traveling Lady; a suspended canvas bag, and an eight‐foot‐tall coat illuminated by patterns, colors and textures evoking a voyage around the world. The black leather bag that Nellie Bly carried with her is also on display, open to reveal its contents: three items of silk clothing, a jar of cold cream, a porcelain box for the perfect pill, a tea cup, a leather manual, and a hopelessness scale for measuring emotions. Transcending the realms of the psychological, the physical, and the cosmic, iconic Spanish actress Rossy de Palma embodies this timeless figure in Jessica Mitrani’s fantastic and subversive world.

September - 26 - 2016


"Back to School" with Ryan McNamara,

MoMa PS1

On Friday in Queens, MoMA PS1 hosted its first ever “Back to School” benefit, under the direction of artist Ryan McNamara, with over 30 artists presenting projects and performances. It was an quite an evening! In some ways, it was very high school—there were classes like sex education, anatomy, and art history, and a cafeteria serving corn dogs—and in other ways it was very much not like high school in that there was quite a bit of alcohol and a fair number of scantily clad people, at least one wielding a whip. Below, a look at the evening. (Not pictured, my session with the guidance counselor, Jessica Mitrani, which included dancing salsa to Celia Cruz’s “La Vida Es un Carnaval.” It was the highlight of the evening.) - ArtNews, By Maximilíano Durón 

January - 29 - 2016

As part of Liberatum's Women in Creativity Series, here is an interview with New York based Colombian filmmaker and artist, Jessica Sofia Mitrani.


November- 29 - 2015


Watch La Divanee on Nowness

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