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Vesica Pisces

New media artist Alex Czetwertynski and director Jessica Mitrani explore sacred geometry and “the creative power of duality” in Vesica Pisces, an ‘extended reality’ piece that incorporates a physical LED stage backdrop, in-camera augmented reality effects and projection mapping. Working in collaboration with threeASFOUR, a NYC-based fashion collective, Czetwertynski & Mitrani bring their Spring Summer 2021 collection life during a surreal trip through “the womb of the universe”, which is represented in sacred geometry with the dyad. Vesica Pisces features an intricate score from Brian Close of New York experimental duo Georgia, who marshals cosmic ambience and skittering, metallic sound design to guide us along Czetwertynski & Mitrani’s geometric journey through the numinous – what the artists describe as “an abstract narrative from initial formation to final disintegration.” Drawing together a synergistic selection of new media techniques, the film is designed to run both backwards and forwards, eschewing linear narrative for a bifurcating temporal structure, formed in the image of the dyad.

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